Quick and Healthy Dinner Ideas

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Foodie. 

If you remember from last month I shared 12 Delicious Ways to Use Summer Produce, a collection of recipes I curated on Foodie.com! Foodie is kind of like Pinterest, but JUST for recipes! Plus, I really like that you don’t have to leave Foodie to see the whole recipe.

This month I was asked to create another collection of recipes, this time focusing on quick and healthy dinner ideas.  I don’t know about you, but I hardly ever want to spend more than 30ish minutes making dinner. Once in a blue moon, I’m down for some serious cooking, but usually fast, easy, and healthy is the name of my game! 

That’s why I chose these recipes. They are perfect for school nights, work nights, busy nights–you know, those nights we all have most nights! There are fresh takes, old favorites and some things you may have never tried before–check them out on the slideshow and start creating your own collections of recipes at Foodie.com!


Check out Quick and Healthy Dinner Recipes

by Katie Miller Scott at Foodie.com

What’s your go-to quick and healthy dinner recipe?

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