7 Tips for Staying Healthy During Your Period

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“That time of the month” is always coming at us women no matter what (well unless you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or postmenopausal). So how come it always shocks us when it arrives, we give into the hormones and gain weight? Is it inevitable that these days of the month are just going to suck?! I don’t think so and I have some great tips to help you to make “that” time of the month the BEST time of the month!

7 tips for staying healthy during your period

1. Hydrate excessively. I always feel so much better during that time when I’m drinking water! It also helps me beat my monthly spike in carb and sugar cravings and combat bloat. I try to drink 3 quarts (96 ounces) of water a day. Hot herbal teas (peppermint is my favorite!) also feel very soothing to me if I’m dealing with cramps and they count towards your water intake too!

drink your water to keep bloat at bay!

2. Eat nutritious foods. It’s crazy hard to eat healthy when your hormones are raging and you feel like crap, but it’s vital for your health that you continue eating great things like green leafy veggies, salmon, lean meats, dairy, and nuts that are filled with the extra calcium, iron, protein, essential fats  your body needs during this time.

eat nutritous foods

3. Add an omega 3 pill to your daily vitamin.  In a double blind study (that’s the good kind!) essential fatty acids actually help lower incidences of PMS symptoms which is totally awesome! I’m still using my Omegaplex from Advocare for my fatty acid supplement. (This should be in addition to all the good fats you’re getting from fish, almonds, walnuts, avocados and other whole food sources!)

4. Continue workouts, but decrease intensity as needed. Being active sends you a rush of the “happy hormone” dopamine and increases your seratonin hormone which combats stress and anxiety. So if you are feeling frumpy, blue or bummed out and you just want to lay on the couch watching reruns of Friends, getting up and going for a run, lift session, or spin class will make you happier and decrease your stress. If you’re not up for your regular high-intensity workout it’s okay to cut back to an easy yoga class or outdoor walk.

lose weight on your period

5. Be prepared. This may be a little dumb, but most of us know when “that time of the month” is coming and yet are still caught of guard when it actually arrives. So get prepared…..prep that healthy food, be sure your house is free of junk, throw an extra healthy meal in the freezer, and stock up on feminine products. It is literally the worst when you reach into the cupboard to grab a tampon only to discover you’re out! My favorite brand is Playtex Sport (yes, it was my favorite before this post!). No matter what workout I’m doing I love using Playtex Sport because I KNOW that things are under control–so I can rock my workout or just my crazy toddler-mom life in confidence.

playtex sport combo packs #playon

NEW! Playtex® Sport® now available in Pads, Liners and Combo Packs at Walmart! Now Sport Level Protection™ pads, liners and combo packs with Flexfit™ design to twist and turn with your body. Don’t let your period get in the way. PlayOn!

I recently went to Wal-Mart and stocked up on Playtex’s new two in one pack that contains both the sport tampons and pantiliners together. Genius! (I found them near the pharmacy in a special display area–not back with the regular feminie products, just FYI.) Don’t get caught unprepared, go out and stock up at Walmart!

6. Destress and take time for yourself. Use yoga, journaling or meditation to get the *ahem* crazies under control. I’m definitely more irritable and anxious around my time of the month so if I can get up a little earlier and spend some time reading my Bible, praying, and addressing my own “stuff” I’m better prepared for everything that inevitably comes up during the day.

take time to destress during your period

7. Don’t let this be an excuse. Life goes on no matter what time of the month it is and as my mother always told me growing up “You control your attitude, even during your period.” I have used the “I’m on my period so I’m definitely going to gain weight” as an excuse to derail my progress, but the past few months I have successfully LOST weight each time I’m on my monthly cycle. I don’t let it be my excuse for stuffing my face with chocolate and watching Pride & Prejudice instead of hustling at the gym!

So choose to make the best of your monthly cycle and use these tips so your healthy lifestyle and weight loss goals aren’t derailed every month because it was “that time of the month”! There’s no excuse for it not to be the best time of the month for you!

I’m not a doctor and this advice is not meant to cure, treat or prevent any illness. If your PMS symptoms are severe and/or interfere with your work, relationships or daily life functions please consult with your physician.

How do you stay on track with working out and eating healthy during your period? 

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