Christmas Fitness Gift Ideas

I’m so excited to share these Christmas fitness gift ideas with you! This year I took my inspiration from the “Something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read” philosophy of gift-giving. I added my own bonus category of “Something to do” though too because I love getting and giving experiences! Plus this guide comes with 5 bonus stocking stuffer ideas too! Hurray for Christmas!

Christmas Fitness Gift Ideas

Something You Want:

Powerbeats2 Wireless In-Ear Headphones – because if you’re going to be cool like Lebron, you need these. Plus, no cord, I mean how great is that!
Activity Tracker–I’m no expert on which one, but the Fitbit, Polar Loop and Jawbone Up all have their strong points–but anything that gets you moving more is awesome! I love the sleep functions too and the reminder to get up and get moving!

 Something You Need:

Workout dvd–Road packed with snow and ice means you need an at-home workout option that is not “less than”. Some great picks: P90X3, PiloxingT25 or Yoga Inferno.

saucony triumph iso


Saucony Triumph ISO series running shoes–I’m super-jealous of Nate’s new Triumph running shoes. I want some in this pretty purple and pink color! And shoes wear out so quickly, so everyone probably needs new shoes for Christmas!

Something to Wear:

Fabletics Outfit –so many super-cute outfits that are reasonably priced and fit a variety of activities.



Feather print leggings–cause no matter what workout you’re rocking these leggings will make it better!

Something to Read:

HIIT IT! –Gina Harney aka Fitnessista’s new book about how to use HIIT training to get more from less, plus diet and lifestyle tips! I’m so excited!

More of the Fit Women’s Secrets–An inspiring read about how Lorna Jane’s empire builder lives a fit and active life.

Something to Do:

Race entry–always a great choice for the runner, cyclist or crossfitter.

Give a spa day!

Massage–Ease those aching muscles with a great massage (not that anyone ever turns down a massage!). Nate got me a gift card to a spa last year for my birthday and it was amazing!!

Bonus!! 5 Fit Stocking Stuffers:

5 Fit Stocking Stuffers

Pomegranate Spark–on the go packs are perfect for an afternoon energy boost

Wool Running Socks–I have these and they are a lifesaver for running, hiking, snowshoeing, skiing in the cold or for anyone with cold feet!

Burts Bees Chapstick–no one wants chapped lips! Burts Bees is my favorite for keeping mine protected from the harsh cold.

True North Collection Yoga Headband–I like a wide headband and I’m obsessed with these adorable patterns!

Favorite snack bar–Kind Bar, Larabar, Cliff bar, GFree bar–stock your loved one up on their favorite snack bar!

Oh my gosh it’s time to get shopping!

Are you a shop-ahead or last-minute person? As much as I would like to be a shop ahead I feel like I’m always last minute!

Do you prefer to shop online or in person? Yes!

If you’re looking for other holiday gift ideas check out Run to the Finish’s gift guide link up!



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