Body Back Update

It has been 8 weeks since our little miss arrived. I still remember looking down on her for the first time—how tiny and helpless and pitiful she was, how very aware I was of her need for me, how she calmed at our voices, how much love I felt for her, and Nate, and the utter relief that she had arrived safely into my arms.


I’m working on perfecting the mama-baby selfie. I’m saving her next update for her two month mark and will start doing just monthly updates on her from there out.


Here is what I accomplished last week on the exercise front:

Wednesday: Run training—2 miles with run/walk intervals

Thursday: Walk 2.5 miles

Friday: Strength training at home—just a semi-random mix of strength moves I did while Layla napped. 1 mile walk

Saturday: Walk 2.5 miles

Sunday: Off

Monday: Off (with a mild bit of walking as I prepped a bunch of stuff for a work meeting)

Tuesday: Strength training

I’m really proud of the number of workouts I completed! 5 Days=winning. I also need to order a bigger sports bra in order to keep running. My pre-baby ones are just not cutting it, understandably so.

Plan for this week:

Wednesday: Walk with maybe run intervals. Order sports bra.

Thursday: Strength training and walk—I need to find a dedicated strength program not just loosey goosey it—although loosey goosey isn’t bad.

Friday: Run/Walk

Saturday: Walk with the fam

Sunday: Off

Monday: Run/Walk

Tuesday: Strength training

While this is the plan I will basically feel really good again with 5 days of exercise, even if it doesn’t conform to this plan.

Body Progress

I cannot find my nifty spreadsheet so to sum things up I lost another half inch off my waist—yes!—and gained 2 pounds—no!. All the rest of my measurements stayed the same, but the gain was confusing and discouraging. Like make you browse the internet for weird body wraps and crash diets discouraging.

I have actually gained 7 pounds since about 5ish weeks postpartum. Which is entirely confusing. Until I realized (this morning in the shower—so many great thoughts come in the shower) that I started gaining right around the time I went on the mini-pill, whose side effects include weight gain. *light bulb* I’m not entirely certain that is the cause but it makes a lot of sense since I have been eating healthy, tracking my calories, and breastfeeding without seeing the scale budge anywhere but up. So I’m waiting to hear back about getting my prescription switched around to something else.

Sugar-Free Life

I mentioned last week that Nate and I are going with out added sugar for a month. The first few days without sugar was TOUGH. I had lots of intense cravings (mostly for chocolate) and some headaches in the evening. I think the hardest thing for me to give up is actually bread products. I LOVE me some carbs! But I think I am through the worst of the withdrawals and haven’t wanted any sugary anything in the past few days.

We are still eating fruits which really helps too! And I made these awesome little larabar-type balls that are curing my chocolate cravings. Drinking herbal tea has helped as well. I definitely don’t think we will keep this up forever, I’m sure we’ll be adding natural sugars back in and sweets in a limited amount, but the new awareness has been great and it has been a good break to cure me of my need to have something sweet to end every meal.



Overall I’m feeling really good. I’m so proud of how far Layla has come and all the new things she is doing and learning. I’m also feeling a bit less overwhelmed now that a big project at work is wrapped up. I also had a good conversation with my boss about me continuing working—I’m blessed to have a position that is flexible and supportive of me being a mom. Also, thanks for all your kind words on last weeks post. I put a lot of internal pressure on myself and while it is good to have goals, it’s also good to accept the way things are and do what you can when you can. I’ve often thought if I could go back to so many times in my life (high school, college, wedding planning, first year of marriage) I would tell myself to “chill out and enjoy life” so I need to proactively take my own advice. Winking smile

Hope you are having a great hump day!

What was your favorite workout last week?

Any strength training program recommendations?

Life advice you wish you could go back and give your younger self? 


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