Happy thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I’m up (fairly) early with a full to-do list to get ready for the day. We are traveling to my parents so there is packing, laundry, baking, and a hundred little things to do before tonight. But just for a moment I want to slow down and remember what it is for…thanksgiving.

No, not Thanksgiving the noun, thanksgiving the verb.

Dictionary.com tells me that is “grateful acknowledgement of benefits and favors, especially to God.” And I’ve heard about it, read books about it (Ann Voskamp’s 1000 Gifts is a good one) and thought about it before….but I often live in a state of ungratefulness or rather I take for granted what I have.

  • Clean water
  • Good health
  • A warm home
  • A full pantry
  • A caring spiritual community
  • A beautiful, healthy baby
  • A kind man to live my life beside

It’s only when something goes wrong that I find myself begging God to not take it away from me. This morning, I woke up with a slightly sore throat. “Oh no,” I thought “not now, please God heal me quickly.” And then I threw all my remedies at it: the oils, tea, salt-water gargling, more oils, more prayers. Over a little sore throat.

How much more do I take for granted the important things? Living in a state of thankfulness helps me realize all that I already have. I see the ways my big God has already overflowed my life with blessings. I am content. At peace with knowing even in my areas of lack, my Father will provide as He always does.

I get to decide: to be thankful and happy or to complain, be entitled and miserable. grateful

I wish I was better at writing down my “thankfuls”. I have a little blue journal with about two pages full. It’s a good practice and I wish I did it more, but whether or not I write it down I can be thankful. I can stand in the everyday moments and embrace how unspeakably blessed I am. 

Happy thanksgiving.

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