Spring Rant, Plus Meal and Workout Plans

Hola! How is your weekend going?  The sun came out today after it snowed, yes snowed yesterday! Boo! I seriously can’t believe how wacked the weather has been. Simply the worst.  I’ve tried hard to be positive about it but as of April 21st, it officially sucks and I hate it.  It had better start acting like spring REAL soon!


A little weekend recap for you…

We have been lazy bums.  Well Nate has been working the late shift at work so most of the day Friday and Saturday we just slept in and stayed in our pajamas till he had to go to work.  Awesome.

I did manage to get in some great workouts Friday with weights and yesterday I did walked for 45 minutes (pain-free!) before dinner and then after dinner I rode the bike for 2 hours (with a few short walk breaks for the sake of my butt!).  I wanted to get some long cardio in to mimic the long run that I was missing. (I should have ran 18 miles yesterday.) I’m continuing to strength train, cross train, foam roll, ice and stretch and hope to be back to running next week. I know there are a lot more important things in the world to pray about, but if you could say a little prayer for my IT band to heal I would love it! IMG_1824

While I was biking I read The Aviators Wife, a historical fiction about Anne Lindburgh. It totally sucked me which made it perfect reading.  I would highly recommend it!

Also yesterday I was in the mood to bake cookies so bake them I did!


My dear husband is certainly not complaining! Open-mouthed smile

Meal Plan for the Week:

This week’s meal plan is a little sketchy since I don’t have Nate’s work schedule yet, but I’m planning on having the following meals some time during the week.

Sloppy Joes

Buffalo Wings


Pork Chops

Round steak

We may eat as many as 3 or 4 meals at work this week because we have a phone-a-thon scheduled in the evening with meals provided.  So it’ll be one of those weeks. I think I’m going to have some fun playing around with the pork chops and round steak.

Workout Plan for the Week:

Sunday: Rest/Active recovery

Monday: Strength train; try to run a bit in the gym

Tuesday: Bike (plus go to PT at Gazelle Sports)

Wednesday: Strength train, try a bit of running again if okayed by PT and no pain.

Thursday: Long bike or as much running as I can feasibly do

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Attempt long run or long cardio session

So we shall see how it goes this week. I am nervous, but hopeful. I’m feeling looser and stronger, but it’s hard to not know whether or not I’ll be able to run or when.

Well I guess that about covers it all! Off to sleep enjoy the rest of my weekend!

What’s your favorite way to cook moist-not dried out-pork chops?


    • Kate says

      Thanks for the warm thoughts! I’m basically going to bring myself, shoes and all to meet with a PT at my running store. Hopefully it’s not the shoes, but if it is the running store should swap them for me.

    • Kate says

      Haha! It was pretty awesome! We’re saving up the lazy days for when summer comes and things get crazy around here. 😀

  1. says

    After hearing that y’all had snowfall at the end of April, I feel a little silly complaining about the temps dropping back into the 40’s today. It was just 79° degrees yesterday, though! I was running in shorts!

    Hope that your IT band is all better soon! I know how frustrating running injuries can be.

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