Eating Healthy at Buffalo Wild Wings

One of my husband and my favorite eating out spots is B-dubs!  We like to chill there and watch football, especially since we are too cheap for cable, so it’s how we see all the good games! Eating healthy at Buffalo Wild Wings is challenging. Perhaps one of the most challenging spots because well, it’s a sports bar. And they’re not exactly known for the healthiest options.

Eating Healthy at Buffalo Wild Wings is possible! Use these tips to make healthier choices while out with your friends at BWW!

But no challenge is to great to help you, my dear readers, (and goodness myself—that place is always a death trap for my diet!).


Disclaimer: I recognize that fast food even “upscale” fast food is what it is—lots of sodium, processed food, probably GMOs, animals raised in factory farms—my point is NOT to laud fast food as the healthiest choice, but to help you discover some of the healthiest fast food options out there.

Buffalo Wild Wings Pros

  • They have an allergen list online which is great for people with food sensitivities and allergies.
  • They have beautiful food photos online!
  • You can watch your favorite sports teams on a bunch of t.v.s while you eat!
  • The atmosphere is relaxed and fun. No one there is taking things too seriously—well, besides the games!

Buffalo Wild Wings Cons

  • B-dubs doesn’t have nutritional information on their website. I actually had to look up most of it by comparing various nutrition calculators feedback. They could definitely make it easier for customers to find their dietary information.
  • There aren’t many healthy options. At all. I know their target demographic is probably not the “health nut” crowd, but I think Americans are generally getting more informed about their health and BWW seems woefully behind.

buffalo wild wings website

Good choices at Buffalo Wild Wings

For the “Wings” fans:

  • Naked Tenders are 260 calories; the total fat is 6 grams. Seriously good, nutritional info!
  • Boneless  wings are 88 calories apiece so a four piece will run you about 352 calories.
  • Regular wings are 72 calories apiece so a 6 piece will be 432 calories. Not too shabby.

To those options you can add medium, mild, spicy garlic, sweet Bbq sauce for about 50 calories for 4-6 pieces. It’s a good idea to skip the dip or go very light on it. Blue cheese dip is 280 calories for a serving and Ranch (Southwest or regular) is 320 calories a serving.  Nosh on celery sticks! They normally bring you a big plate and don’t be afraid to ask for more to munch on!

Healthy Staples

You can’t go wrong with these choices, but they don’t really scream “B-dubs!” to me.

  • Chicken Caesar salad for 490 calories. Their garden salad is also a good choice.
  • Grilled chicken sandwich is 470 calories. Whenever I’m not sure what is a good restaurant choice you can hardly go wrong with a plain, grilled chicken sandwich. It’s not exciting, so maybe ask for an order of wings sauce to add to the top.

Definitely Avoid at Buffalo Wild Wings

  • Ribs. They’re just plain not good for you. Anything paired with ribs, is standard to avoid—ribs and wings, ribs and chicken, ribs and more ribs—all weigh in with over 1500 calories.
  • Cheeseburger slammers—NEVER A GOOD IDEA at any restaurant! A standard Bacon Cheddar burger is 860 calories. A serving of Slammers will run you nearly twice that at 1559 calories. Ouch!
  • Excessive amounts of anything. I think one of the dangers of BWW is that you can down 10 wings, 2 mozzarella sticks, some queso and dip, and a few beers and not even realize it over the course of a game.


Starter Ideas

Anything with the word “queso” is going to be unhealthy. Eat your queso on your birthday or when you get a promotion at work. An order of Chili Cheese dip is 920 without the chips. Wowza! Swap it instead for Chips and salsa, it will only run you 250 calories.

Drink ideas

Here are some good choices for lighter drinks.

  • Diet coke and rum. (My personal drink of choice for BWW)
  • Vodka cranberry
  • Skinny margarita (Second favorite drink)
  • Light beer—not a beer person so I’m not going to make a personal recommendation for a type. Ask your beer connoisseur friends—everyone has one or two of those, right?

So there you have my healthy eating at Buffalo Wild Wings tips! Next time I go to BWW I will be ordering a 4 piece of boneless wings with spicy garlic sauce, a starter of chips and salsa, lots of celery, and a diet coke (minus the rum thanks to baby girl). This is a smart meal that is very “sports bar” and “Buffalo Wild Wings” to me, but still a reasonably healthy option

Do you have any tips for eating at BWW or sports bars? What football team do you root for?

Don’t forget to pin this post so you can reference it when you eat out! 

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    • Kate says

      Yeah, I definitely have to go in with a “plan” otherwise it becomes a free for all. haha! Their desserts are pretty good too. I think that’s bad is you sit there for two hours watching a game and get hungry again! Lol!

  1. says

    i personally don’t eat at buffalo wild wings because places like that just don’t do healthy food very well. however if i ever was stuck going there because someone else got to pick the place, i’d probably get those naked wings and a brew!

  2. says

    My husband and I used to ALWAYS go to BWW for football before we got NFL Sunday Ticket. But then we realized that we spent more at the bar than we would on the ticket going week after week!

    My healthy go-to is one miller lite (I feel like beer is necessary there, and this is not a bad one…) and a 6 piece naked tender with a side salad. no sauce for the tenders. I am full, I got a good amount of protein, and I enjoyed ONE adult beverage. :)
    Emily N recently posted…Trying to get back into itMy Profile

    • Kate says

      I think my husband wished we went enough to justify Sunday ticket! haha! Sounds like you’ve got your meal keyed in–that’s awesome!

  3. says

    Thanks so much for this post! My hubby and I go to B-Dubs a couple of times a week, and it’s hard on a diet! I love their salads. Just keep the dressing on the side and I usually skip the croutons!


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