Friday Loves in Fives

Welcome to Friday! This week has been quite full and it’s hard to believe we are back to Friday again!

5 Things I’m Loving

Naps—No shame in needing a nap! I’ve taken them after work, at 8pm, and twice in an afternoon on Sunday. Mama needs her sleep (and I’m not getting tons of it at night).

Dark Chocolate—So I’m in a place where a piece of dark chocolate is the answer to everything. It’s not a bad place to be.

Prenatal Hot Stone Massage I got last week! So amazing! I need to make even a semi-regular habit of doing this—everyone needs pampering!


Baby Talks—Loving talking to my baby girl and listening to her daddy talk to her as well.

Scarves –I like ‘em big and fluffy!


5 Links to Love

Yoga Lessons by Tina Reale

Lose Weight at a Desk Job: 9 Ways to Whittle Your Waist While You Work by Sorey Fitness

30 Things You Need to Know About Kalamazoo Before You Move There by movto blog.

Yes, Women Can Too Get Bulky by Your Trainer Paige

Running Shoe Lacing Techniques by KatieRunsThis

5 Baby Things Accomplished

brielle and katie

Bought Life Insurance—Rockin’ the grown-up life!

Sorted Baby Clothes—Nate thinks she might have more clothes than he does, but since he doesn’t throw up on his clothes or poop in them multiple times a day that’s probably okay!

Completed a newborn care class—Nothing really that intense learned, but it was good to go over all the info together and to practice our “moves” on our little baby doll.

Decided on Pediatrician—Yay! We are going with a smaller privately owned practice with a more personal touch. Also, they have murals in their exam rooms.

Midwife Appointment completed—She told me baby has dropped most of the way and I’m at the “no-stopping” point. I just stared at her. Then I said, “So should I like pack my hospital bag?” She replied, “That’s always a good idea to have ready at this point.” (She’s so calm and practical—one of the reasons I love her!)  Of course I KNEW that at 36 weeks you are full term and all that good stuff, but hearing it come out of her mouth was still a little earth moving.


5 Moments of Inspiration via Pinterest







Happy Friday Friends!  Linking up at 5 Things Friday!

So…what should I pack in my hospital bag? Anything I should definitely leave out?

What are you loving this week? Downton? The play-off games? Snow?  Winking smile


    • Kate says

      Well not quite, but it has been rewarding to check things off the list. 😀 Hmmm…you Texans and your weather braggin’…quite jealous.

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